Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico is officially the Flag carrier Airline of Mexico. Aeromexico is based in Mexico City 87 years of prestigious business and safety quality making it, one of Mexico’s most trusted airlines. At Aeromexico safety and comfort are always put into immediate consideration. Through TravelInti you can book Aeromexicos’s best airline tickets along with the cheapest flight deals on the market.

Travel Experience

Class Premier
⁃ Class Premier offers SkyPriority services, and the most comfort and space.
AM Plus
⁃ In AM Plus you are offered more place and SkyPriority Services.
Main Cabin
⁃ In the main cabin you get comfort and affordability.


On a domestic flight, a suitcase of 25kg/55lb is allowed. On International flights, a suitcase of 23kg/50lb is allowed. On either for of travel, the Maximus surface area for each suitcase, or other baggage is 158cm/62in.
You many also have a carry-on and a personal item along with you in the cabin.

You also have the option to have special baggage checked in for you at the counters (for an additional fee). These items include :
⁃ Sports equipment
⁃ Musical Instruments
⁃ Ashes
⁃ etc.


Pets in the cabin
⁃ In order for a cat or dog to travel with you the out be in a special carrier under the seat or above you. They shall remain your responsibility the entire flight. (With fees applied)
⁃ Only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin
⁃ The maximum weight per carrier or container is 9kg
⁃ Pets are only allowed to be flown with you in the cabin for a maximum flight of 6 hours
⁃ The pests must be at least 8 weeks old
⁃ Breastfeeding any pets will not be accepted
⁃ Any pet that is in veterinary treatment will not be accepted
⁃ Only 1 pet is allowed per passenger
⁃ The pet is under the expense and responsibility of the client
⁃ Pets shall not be placed on seats
⁃ No fluids or food can be given to the pets onboard the plane

Contact Aeromexico :

P.º de los Tamarindos 90-num 462,
Bosques de las Lomas, Cuajimalpa de Morelos,
05120 Ciudad de México, CDMX

For more information please visit: Reserva con Aeroméxico®️ – Vuela Seguro y CómodoAd·

⁃ COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 72 hours before flying or documentation of recovery