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Alcudia’s Old Town



Carrer del Progrés, 07400 Alcúdia, Illes Balears, Espanha
Mallorca, Spain


Alcudia's location has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but it wasn't until the Romans arrived that the city is recorded in history. When they conquered the island in 123 B.C., the Romans made use of the beaches in Alcdia Bay. Soon after, the city of Pollentia and the nation's capital, Palma, were established. Both the Pollença Bay and the Alcidia Bay could be seen from Pollentia. Pollentia protected the area against additional invaders. Pollentia was assaulted by pirates and the Vandals multiple times after Rome's decline as the dominant force in the western Mediterranean. The people who were still there eventually fled to found a new town in a safer area after the city was abandoned. The region where Pollentia had stood was left in ruins, and this town was renamed Pollença. The name Alcudia is derived from the Arabic phrase al-kudja, which means "on the hill" and refers to a Moorish hamlet built quite near to the site of the ancient village of Pollentia. King James I of Aragon, who was in control of the region at the time, invaded the Moors in 1229. King James II of Aragon purchased the property Alcdia in 1298 and established the new settlement there. In the same year, a church, cemetery, priests' residence, and square were all built. The walls' construction also began at the same period and was completed in 1362. The city plan created at the time is still in effect for Alcdia today. Walls were rebuilt during the Renaissance, and an additional wall was built outside the first. Since it was demolished, only remnants of the wall may be seen.  
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