Azul airlines

Azul Airlines is the largest and most prestigious airline in Brazil. Although it is a low-cost airline, they are well respected, well acquainted, and ready to accommodate your travel itinerary. You can book all of your flights can be booked and scheduled through TravelInti’s official site and achieve the best air fare on flight.

Travel Experience:


– When flying higher with Azul Airlines, you can fly a more budget friendly experience yet still have enough comfort, space, and accommodation of staff to ensure a wonderful experience from take off to landing.

Basic Economy

– Family friendly, budget friendly, and ensured to secure your experience, Azul Airlines is a great way for you to travel and have the freedom of your budget being accommodated as well.


Business/FirstClass: Complimentary – 1 checked baggage, 1 carry on luggage, and 1 personal item
BasicEconomy: Complimentary – 1 carry on item, and one personal item, a checked in luggage can be purchased for extra coasts and fares at an Azul Airlines check-in desk.

Special Baggage:

Any special baggages such as sports equipment, musical instruments, special packages, and more can all be checked in at an Azul Airlines check-in desk for an extra coast.


Passengers are always put into consideration when flying with Azul Airlines even their fury little friends. Passengers are allowed to bring along a pet in the cabin, as a carry on luggage. The pet must be over four months old and up to date with veterinary check ups and vaccinations. You also have the option to have your pets travel in the plane’s cargo beneath for an extra fee.

Contact Azul Airlines:

Av. Marcos P. de U. Rodrigues, 939 9 andar 06460-040

Capital cities and Metropolitan Areas 4003 1118 24hrs
Other locations (toll-free) 0800 887 1118 24hrs
International Phone 4003 3255 24hrs
U.S and Canada +1 888 587 2985 24hrs
Portugal (toll-free) +351 800 602985 24hrs

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