British airlines

Since 1974, British Airlines has been up and running. Their attention to comfort is divine and their loyalty program along with customer service is top of the line. They are also available to fly to over 200 destinations around the world. British Airways is always happy to accommodate you on last minute flights. You can book all of our last minute flights and get the best air fair on your flights if you book your trip on TravelInti’s official sight.

Travel Experience :

First Class
⁃ When Flying First Class with British Airways you will always have the most exceptional comfort and luxurious dining to your own private suite. Along with your exquisites travel experience, you will be permitted access to British Airways elegant and exclusive departure lounges, for your ultimate comfort and relaxation.
Business Class
⁃ In Business Class you have the space and comfort to relax or even work throughout your flight. Your char will also covert into a fully flat bed for all of the long-haul flights so you can arrive at your destination fully rested and ready for anything. You are also welcome to relax before your flight in one of British Airways’s exclusive departure lounges.
Premium Economy
⁃ When you travel Premium Economy you are treating yourself to a wider seat with more space and comfort, and an extra complimentary check -in bag.
⁃ Economy class is perfect for great value (family) fares. You will also be offered with exceptional services to ensure a good flight with British Airways.

Baggage :

First Class – Complimentary: 1 carry on, 1 personal item, and up to 3 checked bags
Business Class – Complimentary: 1 carry on, 1 personal item, and up to 2 checked bags
Premium Economy – Complimentary:
Economy – Complimentary:
Other special baggage such as sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. can be checked in (For an additional charge).

When it comes to your pets, British Airways puts you and them into careful hands and consideration. A recognized service dog is permitted to travel with you aboard the cabin free of charge. In addition, emotional support dogs are not accepted for entry aboard the cabin of any British Airways flights. They can only travel with you as a pet. All pets are permitted for travel only in the hold. They will be ensured comfort throughout the flight.
If you are entering the UK, your dog must meet the UK DEFRA’s health and safety requirements. (

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⁃ COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 24 hours before flying, or prof of vaccination