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Camping Alicanto
Camping Alicanto is the ideal place to enjoy with the family. Inserted in the middle of nature and surrounded by mountains ranges, many of them of volcanic origin that have remained in the deepest sleep.
These are the instructions on how to get to the camping:
We are located in Caburgua road Playa Blanca, 24 kilometers from Pucón and only 2 minutes from Caburgua Lake.

Paragliding pucón

25 km (aprox 20 min) from Downtown Pucón, in Caburgua/Huerquehue Valley,  you will be taken up the mountain  with our transport,   then given some instructions , dressed  up with our flying gear, and nicely taken off from a gentle slope after a few steps. All the time accompanied by a professional certified instructor, you will soar like a bird over fascinating forests , valleys and lakes.  By the end of the flight you will be softly carried down to the landing area down in the valley.
-Special Long Flight (45 to +60min hour flight and more area over Huerquehue Park) $120.000
Options Special Photo and Video Session  (minimum 10 photos and at least 1 HD video of 1 min minimum) Julio pablaza Cost: $10.000.- CLP
Schedule From Tuesday to Sunday Time slots could vary ,but normally. Pick up at Pucón 10 am 12:30 hrs 14:00 hrs 15:30 hrs ​
The activity could be postponed or rearranged according to the criteria of the instructor/s. if it must be cancelled , client will receive reimbursement of what he/she ´s paid.
All of our professional Instructors have got the appropriate experience and required Instructor´s Paragliding License from the D.G.A.C (Aerial Chilean Authorities)
Our Company is properly registered in Sernatur following all the rules for non motorized ultralight tandem flight activity , through the norm NCh3014 Of.2006 which legally regulates this activity in Chile.
We have been succesfully inspected by the Chilean Tourism Service "Sernatur" authorities and we have got all the necesary permits to work in the Pucón district.
Demand all of this information and more. Let´s go flying! Sernatur Certificate Number : 27677 We will be available for flying from January the 2nd to March 15  , 2020. You can book anytime.
The service costs $70.000.- CLP  and includes: -Transportation from Agency/Hotel (Pucón) and back if needed. -Transportation from the meeting point up to the take off and return from the landing back to the meeting point. -Flight of a duration of 8-12 min on a Tandem Paraglider  (No Engine , No towing, real paragliding. Time/Height could be extended for some minutes (+20min) and area, no charge depending on uplifting currents encountered at the time of flight)

Julio pablaza

Rafting Pucón
In the rafting Alto we travel 13 km on the Trancura river in Bote crossing Cascades, Forests, and seeing the Villarrica volcano, there are waterfalls where we jump into the water from 5 Meters, it is the experiences with adrenaline in southern Chile



San Pedro de Atacama geysers & hot springs

How can I get there? San Pedro is located 1.670 kilometers north of Santiago, the capital of Chile. To get to San Pedro, first we must get to Calama, the nearest city, joined to San Pedro by an excelent paved road with a gorgeous desertic landscape.

By bus:

The trip takes up to 20 hours from Santiago. There are high quality services buses with semi-bed seats. You can ask for rates and schedules in the following buses companies, with semi-bed and standard seats: TurBus, Pullman Bus, Géminis.

By Airplane:

It is the fastest way to reach Calama and then get to San Pedro de Atacama, 98kms (60 miles) away. Through Lan Chile Airlines there are five daily flights from/to Santiago during weekdays and three ones during the weekend. The cheapest round trip tickets cost about $120.000 pesos (US$170). To get them you have to buy your ticket at least four or seven days before the flight starts and a Saturday must be included in your stay.

By car:

For those who like the adventure of getting to San Pedro by car, you have to take the Route 5 - Panamericana Norte. It is recommended to split the trip in two; the first stop in Caldera (870 km) or Bahía Inglesa and then continue the next day directly to Calama (800 kilometers), where you can get all the provisioning needed for San Pedro.

From Calama City:

There are a lot of transfer companies (Tur bus, Pullman Bus, Géminis) which are located in their own station. The ticket is around $1.400 chilean pesos (US$3).

From Calama Airport:

There are minibuses (Transfer service) and the rate is $6.000 chilean pesos (US$10) approximately.  

Elevation: 2,408 m

Skydive Pucón
Open Saturday : 8:30 - 23:00pm

Skydive Pucón

Your first jump Imagine the sensation of flying over a wonderful landscape, taking height over Lake Villarrica, passing meters from the crater of the volcano and then dropping to more than 200 k / h in the most beautiful skydiving area of ​​the country.

How to get By car: Take the international route (road to caburga) and a few meters before the aerodrome take the detour to Quelhue. Turn right on the second road to the right until you see the main access to the Pucón airfield. Our entrance is a few meters further along this same road.

Termas indomito


RELAX MASSAGE 30 minutes $ 26,000 50 minutes $ 30,000
RELIEVING MASSAGE 30 minutes $ 28,000 50 minutes $ 38,000
CRANIAL MASSAGE 30 minutes $ 28,000
BODY MASSAGE EXFOLIATION AND MASK (Chocolate, Mud, Honey) 50 minutes $ 35,000
REFLEXOLOGY 30 minutes $ 28,000
MORE HOT STONES MASSAGE 30 minutes $ 28,000 50 minutes $ 33,000
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE 30 minutes $ 28,000 50 minutes $ 35,000
MIX MASSAGES 80 minutes $ 60,000


Valparaíso is a port city on Chile’s coast. It's known for its steep funiculars and colorful, clifftop homes. La Sebastiana, the quirky former residence of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, is now a museum with far-reaching Pacific views. During the 19th century, an influx of European immigrants left their mark on the city’s architecture and cultural institutions, many of which congregate around downtown’s Plaza Sotomayor.

Open Saturday : 10:00 - 18:00
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