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Cinerama Hostel


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Reconquista 72, R8400AGB
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Cinerama Hostel, in San Carlos de Bariloche, offers a lively and comfortable stay in the heart of the city. The hostel features a range of accommodation options including dormitory rooms, private rooms, and suites, all designed with the traveler’s comfort in mind.

Each room is equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable beds, ensuring guests have a comfortable and relaxing stay.

The hostel designed its communal spaces to encourage social interaction, featuring a large common room with comfortable seating, a TV, and a pool table. Guests can prepare their meals and enjoy a communal dining experience in the fully equipped kitchen. The hostel also offers a rooftop terrace where guests can relax and enjoy the views of the city.

Furthermore, the hostel offers a range of activities and tours, allowing guests to explore the city and experience its culture. From walking tours to bar crawls, there is something for everyone.

The hostel staff is knowledgeable and friendly, always willing to help guests with any queries they may have. Cinerama Hostel is perfect for travelers seeking comfort and sociability. It offers modern amenities, vibrant atmosphere, and diverse activities, making it a popular choice globally.

Tip: special price when booking directly in the hostel 

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