Copa airlines

Copa airlines

⁃ COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 24 hours before flying, or prof of vaccination

When you choose to fly with Copa Airlines, you are setting yourself up for a pleasant and comfortable flight with services for all of your travel needs. You can get cheap tickets and flights when booking through TravelInti’s official sight for all of your travels. You also get more flexibility with the dates and times of your flight.

Travel Experience:

Business Class
⁃ When flying business class with Copa Airlines you get the opportunity to enjoy more space and comfort for the duration of your flight. You can work, relax, and unwind until you land at your desired destination.
Economy Class
⁃ In Economy Class aka the main cabin, you have access to the best ticket fares and budget friendly options. You can enjoy your flight in comfort and stability.


When you perches a Copa Airlines ticket, you will receive a complimentary check-in baggage as well as a personal item and a cary-on luggage as well.

For an additional coast, you may check-in special baggage such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and more.

If your baggage is misplaced, you may present an inquiry to a Copa Airlines front desk representative and present your luggage number ticket.


Small pets are permitted to travel in the air cabin along with you as a carry-on. They are only permitted for cabin travel on Monday through Friday, and not on flights that depart on Friday and arrive on Saturday. Minors are not permitted to travel with pets, and only one pet is allowed per container. If your pet does not meet these rules then they can be transported by the Copa Pets Service.
Fees :
International Flights – $125 US dollars
Domestic Flights – $25 US Dollars
This does not include any taxes that may apply according to the country that you are in and /or traveling to.

Panama City, Panama

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