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Dalt Vila



Dalt Vila, Eivissa, Ilhas Baleares, Espanha
Ibiza, Spain


The name Dalt Vila refers to the top portion of Ibiza's medieval city center, which serves as the island's capital (Balearic Islands, Spain). It has been included as an Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, along with other natural and cultural treasures. Impressive views are available from the University Square, as well as from the terraces and apertures of the bulwarks. The old city walls, constructed in the 16th century under the reign of Charles V to defend it from Turkish raids, took forty years to construct. A defensive bulwark is located in each of the heptagon's irregularly shaped vertices on the walled enclosure.
With the exception of the Pasadizo des Soto, the enclosure has a number of entries, most of which are doors. Portal de ses Taules is the name of the primary entrance that we use to enter from the Old Market. Two Roman statues guard it, and a drawbridge keeps people out. The other ports are Pasadizo des Soto, Portella de Sella, and Portal Nou. The city's highest point is the bastion of Santa Tecla.
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