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Dalt Vila


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Dalt Vila, Eivissa, Ilhas Baleares, Espanha
Ibiza, Spain


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Neighborhood in Ibiza, Spain

Dalt Vila, situated at the summit of Ibiza’s medieval city center and functioning as the capital of the Balearic Islands in Spain, holds a distinct significance. Recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 as part of Ibiza’s Biodiversity and Culture, it stands alongside various other valuable natural and cultural wonders.



University Square offers captivating views. Fortress walls, 16th century, Charles V’s rule, defended against Turks, took 40+ years to build. Defensive bastions are strategically positioned at the enclosure’s irregular vertices. Most entries, except Pasadizo des Soto, are doorways, including the primary entrance, “Portal de ses Taules,” with two Roman statues and a drawbridge.



Additional gates are Pasadizo des Soto, Portella de Sella, and Portal Nou. At the city’s highest point stands the dominant bastion, Santa Tecla.

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