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Djurgården island


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Stockholm, Sweden

59.3263° N, 18.1132° E

Djurgården island is determined as home to the most popular museums in Stockholm. In the middle of the ancient Crown park you can explore a wide diversity of exhibitions provided by The Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund, the Abba Museum, Skansen and lots of family activities. It is well-known as a recreation area that belongs to the National City Park since 1995. Today you can enjoy views of the forest and meadows covering the entire island, as well as yacht harbours along the beach not far from the residential area.
There is no doubt that through the years park changed a lot. Deers and mooses in the park of 16th century were replaced by posh castles along the walkways for nobility in 18-19th. Recreational and short state castle of The King became a museum in 1913 and it's free of charge to see it from the inside now.
Green walking alleys incline visitors to a pleasant walking hour from The Royal Dramatic Theatre to Djurgårdsbron Bridge. This way goes along Strandvägen - a waterfront with the most prestigious properties, since it was completed in 1897. This was the year of General Art and Industrial Exposition of Stockholm. Some parts of the exhibition still exist. Such as the Bridge itself, the Skansen Bergbana - an old funicular railway, the Zoo, and the Nordic Museum. The last one presents the secrets of Swedish cultural history and ethnography since 19th century. The main pavilions of the Exposition were made from non-permanent materials and, unfortunately, were demolished after pioneer presentations of film and phonograph in it.
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