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Dolmabahçe Palace


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Vişnezade, Dolmabahçe Cd., 34357
Istanbul, Turkey

41.0390° N, 28.9997° E

Dolmabahçe Palace is a remarkable place and administrative building in Istanbul, Turkey. For the first time, Sultan Abdul Mejide built the palace from wood. But after the 1800s its shape turned out to be beautiful, combining Neoclassical, Baroque, Rococo, and traditional Ottoman architecture.

It consists of 16 separate buildings. The unrepeatable shapes of the gardens and structures attract the attention of tourists. Every year thousands of people come to enjoy its beauty. This is one of the most popular and beloved places in Turkey.

The building comprises 285 rooms, 43 halls, a 600-meter-long canal along the sea, and monumental gates. The entrance to the Dolmabahçe Palace took place for receptions and meetings of the sultans. Behind it, they kept their harems.


Architectural Marvel

The palace survived with its original decoration, furniture, and even silk carpets. Besides, paintings of famous artists cover the walls and ceilings. According to the estimates the decoration includes 14 tons of gold. All furniture in important rooms is of different shades of a single color. Ornate wooden floors feature unique designs in each room. In addition, Hareke carpets present here the best examples of Turkish handicrafts. The world’s largest ballroom was used for important political meetings, receptions, and balls. Its 4.5-ton crystal chandelier consists of 750 bulbs. Over it, a 36-meter-high domed ceiling impresses every visitor right from the entrance. The hall was previously heated by a stove-like system under the floor.


During the Republican regime, the first president of Turkey Kemal Atatürk often stayed in the palace during his visits to Istanbul. He died here in 1938 and his body was taken from these walls to Ankara, where the public paid their respects. This Palace, a witness of ancient civilization, keeps the touch of thousands of people on every wall. Its handicraft prints make everyone fascinated. Everyone comes to Istanbul to see the Palace once live. When you stand in front of this beauty you realize the power of the centuries. So come and see Dolmabahçe Palace with your own eyes.

Selamlık + Harem + Painting Museum Ticket 

  • Ticket Price For Domestic Visitors: 110 TL
  • Ticket Price For Foreign Visitors: 450 TL



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