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Dubon Chocolate Bar


Tuesday : closed Open

Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade 100, 4050-359
Porto, Portugal

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It’s uncommon for someone to say they don’t enjoy chocolate, but there are others who go even further and are truly devoted to this treat. Due to this devotion, Dubon Chocolate Bar, was born by Keren Barnea. And now the city of a Porto have one of the best chocolate establishment, so all chocolate lovers can enjoy.

Dubon Chocolate Bar Open since November 2022 the store was completely remodeled by the owners, in a process that took more than a year. Despite all the setbacks they may have had over the months, seeing their dream come true seems to make up for all those moments of despair. The people responsible for Dubon are Keren Barnea, 34, and Roy Bendahan, 37. The couple is Israeli and moved to Porto in 2020.

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