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Emirates is one of the top five best airlines in the world. When flying Emirates, you area companies by the complete and uttermost comfort no matter what cabin class you are traveling in. Fly with elegance and style and enjoy every minute from your departure to your landing. You also have the option to shop the best air fare for each of your flights, even Emirates when you book online on TravelInti’s official site.

Travel Experience:

First Class
⁃ Flying first class with Emirates is pretty much the closet you are going to get to your own private jet, without having a private jet. The most luxurious and elegant cabin you can be seated in accommodates your needs for comfort and relaxation. You can also dig in with Emirates’s fine dining experience aboard your flight and enjoy their exclusive departure lounges before your flight.
Business Class
⁃ In Business Class you can work and unwind in comfort and tranquility. Each of Emirates cabins are detailed in beautiful designs that will leave you nothing less than, satisfied. You may also relax before your flight in Emirates’s classy business class departure lounges.
Premium Economy
⁃ Premium economy was built and designed for your space and comfort. Aboard your Premium Economy cabin you are accommodated by enough leg and personal space for you to complete any work and/or just relaxation before you arrive at your desired destination.
⁃ Economy Class with Emirates is like your regular Economy flight but add a complete and total upgrade. With this Economy Class flight, you will be able to fly comfortably and with enough space to relax and enjoy free entertainment with up to 4,500 different channels.


Business and First Class: Complimentary – 1 carry-on bag and personal item aboard the flight with you and up to 2 check-in luggage’s.
Economy classes: Complimentary – 1 carry-on bag and personal item aboard the flight with you and 1 check-in luggage.

Special Luggage such as sports equipment, musical instruments and more can be checked in at an Emirates check-in front dest.


Your pets are always put into consideration when you fly with Emirates. You are permitted to bring dogs, cats, and birds as checked baggage in cargo as additions to your own flight ticket. Guide and emotional support pets are also permitted for travel. Your pet may also accompany you aboard the cabin in a crate for an additional price of $500 U.S dollars.

Cabin Tour | Two-class Airbus A380 | Emirates Airline            video ▶️

164 Airport Rd –
Garhoud – Dubai –
United Arab Emirates

Contact Emirates (TOLL FREE):

For more information please visit: https://www.emirates.com/us/english/


contact: security@emirates.com


⁃ COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 24 hours before flying, or prof of vaccination