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Hospital Costamed Tulum


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Cotamed Tulum, Calle 3 Sur s/n, Villas Tulum, 77760
Tulum, Mexico

The Hospital Costamed Tulum, which lies in the State of Quintana Roo and has been the administrative center of the Tulum municipality since 2008, is a key stop along the Mayan Riviera tourism route.


It is well-known around the world for its image of the Mayan archaeological ruins. On a cliff near the Caribbean Sea coastlines. And in 1987 UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site. For those looking for a culturally diverse and alternative metropolis. This city Tulum surrounded by ocean. Offers extreme sports, and also has a laid-back, cultural way of life that emphasizes achieving balance in daily life.


🏥 Private hospital

As the sole privately owned hospital in the city, Costamed Tulum Hospital opened its doors in 2015 and provides healthcare in the surrounding area. We have held certification from the Canadian Healthcare Council since 2018, and the General Health Board will soon accredit us as well. In order to provide staff and customers with discounted pricing for services, Costamed Tulum Hospital has entered into a number of business relationships with nearby businesses.


This a facility for patient care that offers specialized medical staff, auxiliary medical staff, and medical equipment. The most well-known form of hospital is a general hospital Costamed Tulum. Which often features an emergency room to handle unexpected illnesses as well as fire and accident victims.


Usually the largest hospital in its area, a district hospital has a large number of beds for intensive care and additional beds for patients who require long-term care. Among the hospitals that cater to specific medical needs, such as mental treatment (see psychiatric hospital) and certain disease categories, are trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals.

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