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Arusha Tanzania Kisongo 10701.
East Africa

James Tours Africa is on of safaris company registered as a travel company for providing tourism services all over the world with good partnership arround the world.

James Tours Africa started to provide tourism services since 2015 as a tour guide.. and registered as a tour operator in 2018. Where James Tours Africa located? JAMES TOURS AFRICA is situated in Arusha, Zanzibar, Mwanza, Tanzania. Other destinations are Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa. SAFARIS DESTINATIONS:-
A) ZANZIBAR ISLANDS This is one of great destiny where you can spend your holiday for honeymoon and you can enjoy beaches, blue water, sands, snorkeling, swimming, forest, cultures, turtles, and tortoise.
B) SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK This is the place where you can spend and enjoying each kind of wildlife as lion, buffalo, cheatah, leopard, monkey, elephant, hyena, and so many things as hills, birds different vegetations.
C)  KILIMANJARO MOUNTAIN This is one of great mountain in the world, this mountain is the second greatest mountain in the world, you can enjoy climbing the mountains for different great peaks as KIBO, and MAWENZI, This mountain you can climb with different ways/roots like machame roots(8 days 7 nights) longai Roots (8 days 7 nights) and Marangu Roots (7 days 6 nights) In those days you can enjoy wildlife, ice , lava, and much more.
D) NGORONGORO CONSERVATION AREA AND LAKE MANYARA NATIONAL PARK. This is where you can joy creater , people who living with dangerous animals, lions which climbing trees, hot springs, lake Manyara, wildlife, evolution of man, masai tribe, and active mountain ( oldonyo longai)


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