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L’altra Cucina italiana


Wednesday : 12pm - 15pm ~ 19:30pm - 22pm Open

Rua Heróis de França, 629 4450-159
Matosinhos, Portugal

L’altra Cucina Italiana – ‘another Italian cuisine’ The Genuino restaurant was born out, when two Italians, Federico and Gaetano, decided to show an Italian cuisine different from the usual one in Portugal. Genuino challenges us to try other meals besides the traditional lasagna, carbonara, bolognese or Margherita pizza.

L’altra Cucina Italiana brings us a cuisine from the past, which recreates the dishes of parents and grandparents, taking inspiration from the gastronomy of various Italian cities. It is a journey to the country through the flavors, smells and textures! In this space all the products are of Italian origin – in addition to the menu by chef Gaetano Barone (ex Il Ristorantino), the wine list, beer, coffee and even the work team. The concept of the place also intends to deconstruct the stereotyped image of Italian restaurants. It is a simple, contemporary space and the materials follow the genuine kitchen concept - wood, stone and copper. Even culturally Genuino wants to bring few Italian habits. For example, the moment of the appetizer at the end of the day. When the customers only pay for the drinks, they have an opportunity to taste different delicacies from chef Gaetano. Head waiter Federico welcomes each new customer with an explanation of the concept that encourages to leave the gastronomic comfort zone to try new flavors and new trips! Federico and Gaetano, who have already taken Porto as their home, open the doors of Genuino to show L’altra Cucina Italiana.

L’altra Cucina Italiana Menu is special every day that allows you to explore the meal each time differently


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