Latam airlines

Since 2017 LATAM has been one of the world’s largest airline groups in network connections. LATAM actually stands for Latin America and is one of the best in Latin America as well. They value each and every single one of their passengers and are always ready for any situation that may occur. They also have a great air fare on flights, especially when you book through TravelInti’s official site and unlock all of the best travel deals.

Travel Experience:

Premium Business:

– When you chose to fly Premium Business you have access to Premium Check-In, Premium Boarding, Premium Disembarkation, Premium Baggage, and full access to LATAM’s VIP waiting lounge for international flights. Comfort and personal space along with amenities are also offered in Premium Business. LATAM’s team will ensure you a safe and pleasurable trip.

Premium Economy:

– With Premium Economy, you have access to Premium check-in and Premium boarding prior to your flight. You also have access to LATAM’s private VIP lounges prior to any international flights. This way you can comfortably wait for your flight to board and enjoy the amenities of the lounge. You may also enjoy larger seats and a wider spread of amenities for the duration of your flight so you can work, relax, or enjoy free entertainment until you arrive at your destination.

Economy Class:

– Flying Economy Class with LATAM Airlines is the perfect option for a family-friendly or budget-friendly trip. With their newly renovated cabins, LATAM play Entertainment na dGastronomy, you will most defiantly enjoy your travels.


Premium Business: Complimentary – up to 2 check-in luggage, 1 carry on luggage, and one personal item
Premium Economy: Complimentary – up to 2 check-in luggage, 1 carry on luggage, and one personal item
Economy Class: Complimentary – up to 1 check-in luggage, 1 carry on luggage, and one personal item

Special Baggage:

Any special baggage such as musical instruments, sports equipment, packages, and more, can all be checked in for an additional price at a LATAM Airlines check-in desk.


LATAM is always ready for any situation, especially when it comes to your pets. Only cats and dogs are permitted to fly along in the cabin with you. Otherwise they can fly in the plane’s cargo hold for an additional price. You must also make sure that your pets are up-to-date of their required vaccinations and veterinary appointments.

Contact LATAM Airlines:

Toronto Pearson International Airport.
6301 Silver Dart Drive,
Mississauga, Toronto,
ON L5P 1B2.

Phone Number 1 (866) 435-9526 24hrs

– COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 24 hours before flying, or prof of vaccination

For more information please visit: