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Loja da Saudade


Wednesday : 9 am - 7 pm Open

+351 961 150 184

Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos, R. França Júnior 19
Matosinhos, Portugal

41.1870° N, 8.6934° W

Loja da Saudade is a place shrouded in mysteries and hidden history, the heart of real Portugal in Matosinhos. Here you will learn more about the real past of the country than in any museum. Besides, extremely exciting stories will make you even more interested in diving deeper into the culture of centuries. Nobody will tell you about signs and legends lost among the generations. But this place will open this ancient book for you.
Loja da Saudade presents us unique collections of unknown history. Do you familiar with Mirandese, for example? They are a cultural group in the north of Portugal. The folk of fewer than 20 thousand people has their own language and even national dance! And you will know more about them.
And have you ever heard why Roosters are so popular now in almost every souvenir store? This is the story about crime and punishment, trust and justice. By the way, at this exact store you will find a wide variety of handmade Galo de Barselos (Roosters of Barcelos). Moreover, you will get familiar with the national embroidery, that also came to us through the ages. It has its own style and special meaning belongs to every sign on it. There are lots of works, presented by the brand "Bordado de Viana do Castelo". On the opposite shelves, you can choose an unique hat or a cap from natural materials. The collection from wool will impress you as much as a range of caps with national motives on it taken from the handkerchieves.
Are you aware of a hidden symbolism of the shop's sign - swallow? So, the answer lies in its natural behavior. Swallows always return to the same place where they made the nest. They have a lifelong partner, therefore, symbolize home, family, fidelity and loyalty. In the same way, every time you arrive at this place you feel like you come back home. You listen to the legends of different Portugal, ancient and modern, you feel the spirit of centuries and the value of experience attached to each stitch of embroidery.

How to get there: 

  • By metro Mercado station [line B]
  • By bus, take line number  [500,502]
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