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Mirador de San Nicolas



Plaza Mirador de San Nicolás, Plaza Mirador de San Nicolás, Andaluzia, Espanha
Granada, Spain


mirador-de-san-nicolas The city of Granada is filled with breathtaking vantage points. The undisputed best views, however, are from the Mirador de San Nicolas, which is situated in the Albaicin area of the Moors. From this vantage point, you can view the Alhambra's numerous palaces sprawling across the cliffside with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance. The best time to visit is just before sunset, when the Alhambra's crimson bricks sparkle under the warm light. Some people consider it to be one of Spain's best sunsets. Unquestionably, one of the nicest things to do in Granada is to visit the Mirador de San Nicolas. Every evening at dusk, a large throng congregates in San Nicolas Square to watch a breathtaking sunset. You will quickly recognize why this Arabic name is used, Alhambra meaning "red castle", as the warm light reflects off the building's facade. Even Bill Clinton agreed that this was "the most gorgeous sunset in the world" when he visited Granada. The Mirador de San Nicolas can be rather crowded due to its breathtaking views. At this location, you can mix in with locals, visitors, and many other people. Although it is bustling, the ambiance is also laid-back. While you wait for the sun to drop, there are lots of merchants selling crafts and spontaneous flamenco performances. Additionally, there are musicians playing their guitars and artists trying to capture the scene with each brushstroke. The San Nicolas church, which is located in the same square, is the inspiration for the lookout's name. It was initially constructed in 1525 above a mosque. Since then, it has been repeatedly demolished and rebuilt. The ancient bell tower, however, has endured. You can spend a few euros to ascend to the top, where you can take in views that are even marginally superior to those in the square below. 📸 Jorge Fernández Salas
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