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Monte O Castro


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36203 Vigo, Pontevedra, Espanha
Vigo, Spain

42.2323° N, 8.7260° W

Monte O Castro Earlier, Mount Feroso or Terroso was used to refer to Mount Castro. The area was once the location of an old walled town (castro), of which you can see today a portion that has been discovered via various archaeological interventions, with multiple circular constructions (pre-Roman) and quadrangular structures (form Romanization). The castro of Vigois was built somewhere between the sixth and second centuries AD. The castreo world is contemporaneous with the so-called Iron Age in Galicia and the early stages of Romanization. The ruins of one of the seventeenth-century fortifications that were a part of Vigo’s defensive system, along with the nearby castle of San Sebastián and the walls that encircled the old city, may also be found in the park.

The city of Vigo was founded on Monte O Castro, the location of the first settlements. As a result, we can discover ruins from the period between the second and third centuries BC. On the right side of the mountain, there are still roughly 45 stone buildings.

The castle of the Castro, which once crowned the mountain’s summit and is now a lookout, was constructed in the Middle Ages. It contains the monument honoring the stonemasons and the Vigo push. The Ministry of War gave the mountain to the city of Vigo in 1934. Exotic and ornamental tree species were planted once it was agreed that the area would become a park. The fort is now being excavated. ​

Early in the twenty-first century, the archaeological dig is repaired and transformed into an outdoor museum.
The streets of Vigo are inclined to face the sea, and Monte del Castro is one of the city’s high points from which you can see the entire estuary.



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