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Porto, Portugal


Pharmashop24, the leading brand of pharmacy vending machines, brings convenient 24-hour access to essential medications and health products. With over a decade of expertise, these Italian-designed and produced dispensers have made their way to Porto. And becoming the first location in Portugal to implement them.

Revolutionizing Access to Medications: The Introduction of Pharmacy Vending Machines in Porto

The introduction of pharmacy vending machines in Porto provides a breakthrough in accessibility and convenience. All individuals in need of urgent medications outside regular business hours. These innovative machines allow customers to access a wide range of over-the-counter medicines, hygiene products.

The Pharmashop24 vending machines are carefully designed to ensure the safety and security of the products they dispense. They are equipped with advanced technology, including temperature-controlled compartments, to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the medications stored within. Additionally, the machines are regularly monitored and restocked by licensed pharmacists to guarantee the availability of essential products at all times.


The convenience and reliability of Pharmashop24 vending machines align perfectly with Travel Inti’s mission to provide seamless travel experiences. With these machines available in Porto, travelers can have peace of mind knowing that essential medications and health products are easily accessible, even during their journey. Whether it’s a sudden headache, allergies, or other minor health concerns, the pharmacy vending machines offer a convenient solution for immediate relief.

The introduction of 24-hour pharmacy vending machines in Porto marks a significant step towards improving public access to medications and highlights the city’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions in the healthcare sector. Travelers and locals alike can benefit from the convenience and reliability of these machines, ensuring their well-being is never compromised, even outside regular pharmacy hours.


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