Planning summer vacations are amazing, but we need to pick out the perfect place first. Seeing as though the CDC has just recently lifted many travel restrictions off of Jamaica it is time to talk about what it’s like to check out the extraordinary island just off the coast of the West Indies. The summer months of June through August are as warm as it gets on the tropical island with daytime highs of eighty-eight to ninety-one degrees Fahrenheit or thirty to thirty-two degrees celsius and nighttime lows of seventy-five to seventy-nine degrees Fahrenheit or twenty-three to twenty-six degrees Celsius. When traveling to Jamaica, the town of Ocho Rios is a spot to put into your consideration, especially if you are traveling with family. Ocho Rios was a former fishing village in Jamaica and is now quite a successful resort with a cruise ship dock, restaurants, hotels, and more.  Jamaica has an all-year-round tropical climate so when packing for this trip make sure you bring along with you lots of cute swimwear, some multifunctional summer outfits, a few light sweaters, and always, sunscreen. You may also stop by some local shops on the island to check out traditional handmade Jamaican clothing. As you will see upon arrival, the style in Jamaica can be very diverse and unique. Ocho Rios is also one of the best places in Jamaica for some high-end, classy, and luxury shopping. Filled with large shopping malls and centers you can expect to put a hole in your wallet if you know what I mean.  In addition, Ocho Rios was given its name which translates to ‘eight rivers’ in Spanish because of the number of beautiful rivers in the area. Ocho Rios is also referred to as ‘Ochi’ by the native islanders. The town is also accompanied by a nearby rainforest that houses a wide array of waterfalls, rivers, and lagoon pools. All being crystal clear waters and surrounded by the mind-blowing beauty of mother nature herself. Along with all of these magnificent and unique activities that Jamaica has to offer, make sure to also take a day off and just simply enjoy the beauty of Jamaican beaches. The clear water, silky sand, and blue skies will leave you longing for your return. While visiting Ocho Rios, there are quite a bunch of adventurous and family-friendly activities that you can attend during your stay. From excursions to hikes and botanical gardens, there is much for you to see and do. In addition to the daytime adventures and fun, you can also check out Ocho Rios’s nightlife. You can visit clubs, bars, casinos, and more.  I would also recommend checking out the wonderful handmade souvenirs and getting a few cool braids done in your hair. The talent of these local Jamaicans is honestly astonishing and worth the trip.  Another interesting fact about Jamaica is that although most of the island’s population and traditional ethnic accessories are descendants of Africa, the island is very much multi-racial and holds a population of about three million people. This population of three million people is made up of not only African but also European, East Indian, and Chinese Heritage. Watching all of these beautiful cultures unfold before your eyes are very unique and the fact that they are all equally respected is inspiring.   Furthermore, Jamaica specifically Ocho Rios is a place of vacation in which you can have a good time in many diverse and fun ways. Not only will you enjoy the tropical island for its beaches and natural beauty but its adventures as well. The culture and history of and on the island are one for the books and allow learning in an interesting and warming environment. There is no chance of getting bored when there is simply so much to do and so much to see. No matter the cause or reasoning for your trip there is always something, somewhere that is calling your name and you are ensured that it will be worthwhile.