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Saint George’s Castle


Wednesday : 9 am - 7 pm Open

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R. de Santa Cruz do Castelo, 1100-129
Lisbon, Portugal

38.7139° N, 9.1335° W

Saint George's Castle (Castelo de S. Jorge) has a very long and interesting history. Since it is located on the highest hill in this part of Lisbon, it is a very strategically advantageous place for defense during the battle. And nowadays it is the best place to observe the city in all directions.

In Roman times, defensive fortifications were built here. Further in the 8th century, when the Moorish conquered the Iberian Peninsula, they expanded the walls of the fortress, around which they dug a moat. It became the center of the military power of the city.

In 1147, the king of Portugal, Afonso I, began a siege of the castle, which lasted 4 months. The crusaders captured the castle thanks to the feat of the knight Martim Moniz. While the main troops were breaking through the main gate, Martim Moniz and a small detachment of soldiers found a secret door. This was their chance to get inside. Their task was not to let this door close until reinforcements arrived, even at the cost of their own lives. In memory of this action, a panel was laid out on the wall of the fortress.

In 1255, the castle became a royal residence, and Lisbon was proclaimed the capital of Portugal. At the end of the 14th century, the tower got the name of St. George, the patron saint of all knights.
An earthquake in 1531 damaged the fortress. Further, the Spaniards who came to these territories set up a prison and barracks here. The castle is falling into disrepair.
The earthquake of 1755 inflicted final damage. It destroyed most of the buildings. At the end of the 18th century, Saint George's Castle housed a charitable organization that taught orphans. Only in 1938, the restoration began, on the orders of Salazar. They began to restore the walls of the castle, erect monuments to kings, and conduct archaeological excavations.

Almost everything that we can see today is perfectly restored fragments of history. The Archaeological museum in the castle presents all historical findings. The same door with which the castle was once captured has also been preserved.
How you can get to Saint George's Castle:
  • by tram №28
  • by bus №737

by elevator on the street Largo Chao do Loureiro

Admission fee :

  • 15€ for adults
  • 7.50€ for seniors (65+)
  • 12.50€ for youth (13-25)
  • Free for children (0-12)

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