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Sanctuary of Christ the King


Wednesday : 10am–6pm Open

+351 21 275 1000

2800-058 Almada
Lisbon, Portugal

38.6786° N, 9.1714° W

Sanctuary of Christ the King is a statue of Jesus Christ that stands on top of a hill on the waterfront in Lisbon. It has become one of Lisbon’s most iconic landmarks as well as its most visited tourist attraction. The monument was built in 1959, after ten years of construction. It was made by a Polish sculptor named Paul Landowski and it is one of the tallest statues in Europe. It is visible from many places in Lisbon and can be seen from great distances, including from Belém Tower, 25 km away. To get to the view point on the statue costs 6€ (3€ child), observation from the base of the structure is free.
Sanctuary of Christ the King altitude is 110 meters above the level of the Tagus River, and the height of the statue itself is 28 meters. For comparison, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is 38 meters. There are two observation decks. Both of them have stunning views of the river and The 25 de Abril Bridge. Which was built in 1966 and it connects the city center with the eastern part of Lisbon. Earlier the building was called The Bridge of Salazar. When the dictator was overthrown in 1974, the entire bridge was renamed.
Walking a little further along the coast, you can get to another amazing place with magnificent views. This is the Panoramic Elevator Of Boca do Vento. It will take you up to the observation deck with a breathtaking view. And after descending from it, next to the elevator, there is a small lawn by the water. Usually whole families gather here to enjoy the beautiful views of the Tagus River and the majestic bridge. Sunsets in this spot are just amazing. And the yachts and sailboats passing by are pleasing to the eye.
People sit right on the grass of the shore, children laugh, someone plays the guitar, and the atmosphere is very comfortable and peaceful. Everyone enjoys the rays of the setting sun, and the view of Lisbon is really magnificent here.

There are three ways to get there:
  • By train Fertagus - from Campolide or Entrecampos station to Pragal station and then walk.
  • By ferry from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas pier. Then use the metro to Almada station and then walk.
  • By bus №753 which departs from Marques de Pombal. You need to get off at the stop after the bridge on April 25 and then walk.
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