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Santa Justa Elevator


Wednesday : 7:30 am - 11:00 pm Open

+351 21 413 8679

R. do Ouro, 1150-060
Lisbon, Portugal

38.7121° N, 9.1394° W

Santa Justa Elevator attracts crowds of tourists by its perfect combination of Eclecticism and technological progress of the 19th century. It usually takes at least half an hour to wait for your turn to go up using the ancient lift. But why did it appear here, clamped on a narrow street among the dense buildings?
Lisbon is called the city of seven hills. The problem of the movement of citizens between the upper and lower areas of the city has always been.
  They were connected by steep staircases and it was a difficult task to overcome them regularly.
Raoul Mesnier is a student and follower of Gustav Eiffel. This civil engineer designed almost all elevators and lifts in Braga, Porto, Nazare and Lisbon.
It was he who developed the Santa Justa Elevator, which connects the two quarters of the lower - Baixa and the upper - Chiado. Initially, the elevator was powered by a steam engine. The building is made of cast iron, steel and cement in Neo-Gothic style.
He presented the design to the city council in 1896 and it was approved. Construction began in 1898. And in 1901 the Santa Justa Elevator was launched. In 1907, engineers replaced the steam mechanism with an electric one.
The elevator rises to a height of 32 meters. Here is his lower observation deck. Its upper platform is located at a height of 45 meters and can be reached by a spiral staircase. The base of the structure rests on 4 massive columns. Then there are 6 tiers of openwork arcades, which are not similar to each other. Visitors are lifted and lowered by two elevator cabins. Each of them is made in Art Nouveau style: wooden panels, mirrors and windows.
The upper observation deck offers a beautiful panorama of the city. You can enjoy the view of  the historical center of Lisbon, the embankment of the Tagus River and the Castle of St. George.

  • How to get there: The nearest stations are Baixa-Chiado and Rossio.
  • Working hours: 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM in summer, 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM in winter.
  • Between 9 AM and 9 PM it departs every 10 min.
  • The round-trip ticket costs 5.30 €, including the upper deck. But there is a travel hack. If you bought a 24-hour Lisbon transport card (6.40€) in advance, this trip is free for you (despite the observation deck, which is covered with netting and isn't worth its price). Moreover, you can use the card for all three funiculars in the city: Gloria, Bica and Lavra!

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