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Serranos Towers


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+34 963 919 070

Plaça dels Furs, s/n, 46003
Valencia, Spain

39.4793° N, 0.3760° W

The Serranos Towers, known as “Torres de Serranos” in Spanish, are a testament to Valencia‘s rich history. Built in the late 14th century, these imposing Gothic-style towers were once part of the city’s fortifications. They served as one of the twelve gates providing access to the city. Their historical significance lies in their role as guardians of Valencia during medieval times.


Architectural Marvel

The architecture showcases the military engineering expertise of Pere Balaguer, a prominent architect of the era. These twin towers rise majestically, constructed with a combination of brick and stone. The sturdy yet elegant design incorporates elements of Valencian Gothic style, characterized by pointed arches and intricate details. The towers’ exterior exudes strength and grandeur, while their interior offers a glimpse into the medieval past.


How to Get There

Located in the city center, the Towers are easily accessible. Visitors can reach this historical site by walking or taking public transportation, such as buses. Their central location makes them a convenient starting point for exploring other attractions in Valencia. Admission fee is 2€ per person.


Fascinating Fact

One interesting fact about the Serranos Towers is that they once functioned as a prison. Over the centuries, their purpose evolved from a defensive gateway to a place of incarceration. Today, visitors can climb the towers to enjoy panoramic views of Valencia and imagine the historical events that unfolded within their walls.


Travel Tip

To make the most of your visit to Valencia’s historic center, consider joining a Free walking tour. These tours provide insights into the city’s past, taking you on a journey through time as you explore iconic landmarks like the Serranos Towers and learn about their significance.


In summary, the Serranos Towers stand as a symbol of Valencia’s resilience and heritage. Their architectural beauty and historical importance make them a must-visit destination for travelers. So, delve into the city’s past and experience its rich culture.



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