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Shared Taxi




Urban Para Tulum, Calle 2 Nte, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Shared Taxi offers discounts for frequent riders or those who purchase multiple tickets at once. Partner with local businesses, such as hotels or tour companies, to offer package deals that include transportation to popular destinations. Expand the destinations offered to include nearby towns or attractions, such as Akumal or Xcaret. Offer guided tours or narrated audio recordings during the ride to provide educational and entertaining information about the area.

Implement a loyalty program that rewards passengers for referring friends or booking multiple rides. Create a social media presence to showcase the scenic routes and promote the convenience of the shared taxi service. Partner with environmental organizations to promote eco-friendly transportation options and encourage passengers to reduce their carbon footprint.
Customize the shared taxis with unique designs or themes to create a memorable and fun experience for passengers.

Shared Taxi (Colectivo) with fixed destinations that goes out every 15 minutes:

  • Playa del Carmen – Tulum: 45 peso
  • Playa del Carmen – Cancun: 45 peso
  • Playa – Cenote Eden and Azul: 35 peso

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