Singapore airlines

Singapore airlines In business since 1972, founded in 1947, Singapore Airlines is widely considered one of the greatest airlines in the world. Along with their impeccable service and wonderful teams of flight attendants Singapore Airlines is always ready to accommodate all of your needs.

Travel Experience:

First Class

– When flying Singapore Airlines’ you have access to your own private space with extra wide seats and leg room. You also have access to free entertainment and many different amenities. You can also reserve a main course of your choice up to 24 hours before flying.

Business Class

– Business Class with Singapore Airlines sone of the best. With extra space and privacy, many accommodations and amenities for your needs. The cabin crew is always ready to help with anything and everything you need.

Premium Economy

– Premium Economy offers a wide range of extra leg space and amenities to ensure you get the uttermost comfort to work or rest during the duration of your flight. From take off to landing you can be assured that you will enjoy your flight experience with Singapore Airlines.


– Economy Class is the perfect way to fly the luxury of Singapore Airlines for an affordable fare. You get a nice amount of space and comfort so you can enjoy your flight. Flying Economy class with Singapore Airlines is the perfect Family Friendly fare option for your travels.


First Class – complimentary carry-on and personal item and 2 checked bags up to 32kg each
Business Class – complimentary carry-on and personal item and 2 checked bags up to 32kg each
Premium Economy – complimentary carry-on and personal item and up to 2 checked in bags up to 23kg each
Economy Class – complimentary carry-on and personal item and up to 2 checked in bags up to 23kg each

Special Baggage:

When flying Singapore Airlines, your special baggages such as, sports equipment, musical instruments, large packages/boxes and more can be checked in at a Singapore Airlines’ check-in desk before your flight.


Singapore Airlines is always putting their passengers and customers first. That includes your pets too! Your pets are welcomed to fly with you in the cabin or cargo, as long as it is over 3 months old. If your pet exceeds the weight limit of 32kg, it must travel in the cargo instead of the cabin. You will also need import and export licenses along with valid health documents and up-to-date rabies vaccination.

Contact Singapore Airlines:

1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E.

UK 020 7660 8988
Australia 13 10 11 24hrs
Singapore +44 20 3027 7900 24hrs
New Zealand +64 9 379 3209 24hrs
Malaysia +603-2772 5716 24hrs
China (66) 2 134-2680 24hrs
India 0124-4310999 24hrs
Philippines +63 2 756 8888 24hrs
USA +1 (833) 727-0118 24hrs
Mexico +44 20 3027 7900 24hrs
India 0124-4310999 24hrs
Austria +49 69 174 15 659
Bangladesh +8801311001903-4 24hrs
Belgium +31 207988732 24hrs
Brazil + 0800 777-4227 24hrs
Canada +1 416 945 0299 24hrs
Croatia +381 1145 11821 24hrs
Denmark +45 32725812 24hrs
Egypt +202 2638 7303 24hrs
France + 33 1 86 47 73 99 24hrs
Germany +49 69 174 156 59 24hrs
Grece 302109942567 24hrs
Hungary +36 19991440 24hrs
Japan +81 3 4578 4088 24hrs
Hong Kong +852 3077 3522 24hrs
Israel +972-3-7951555 24hrs
Italy +39 0230578860 24hrs
Lebanon +961 156 5616 24hrs
Mexico 800-742-3333 24hrs
Spain +34- 930 039 979 24hrs
Switzerland +41 215 458 268 24hrs
Turkey +90 212 900 46 62 24hrs

– COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 24 hours before flying, or prof of vaccination

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