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Stockholm Metro


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Stockholm Metro
Stockholm, Sweden

59.3308° N, 18.0591° E

Stockholm Metro consists of 100 stations 47 are underground and 53 are above ground, designed by over 150 different artists.

of which You can find sculptures, rock formations, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs in ‘the world’s longest art gallery’. first line opened in 1950.


The most impressive stations are:
  • T-Centralen Station
  • Stadion Station
  • Solna Centrum Station
  • Tekniska Högskolan Station
  • Tensta Station
  • Kungsträdgården Station
  • Rådhuset Station
  • Akalla station


Discovering Stockholm’s Artful Underground
Ticketing Convenience

Single tickets are effortlessly acquired in advance on the web, at station ticket machines, or conveniently through contactless payment upon entry.


The Tunnelbana Wonder: A Moving Art Gallery 🚇🎨

Embark on a journey through the Stockholm Metro, recognized as the Tunnelbana or T-Bana, where a distinctive underground transit system seamlessly intertwines efficient transportation with captivating art installations.


A Journey Through Time and Lines

Inaugurated in 1950, the Stockholm Metro has evolved into an extensive network with three main lines (red, green, and blue) and additional branches linking the city and its suburbs.

Artistry at Every Stop: The 100-Station Canvas 🖼️🚉

Experience the metro’s commitment to art with nearly every one of its 100 stations adorned with sculptures, paintings, installations, and mosaics. Each station is a unique artistic endeavor, creating a vast underground art museum.


Urban Planning Elegance: The World’s Longest Art Gallery 🏛️


Beyond Art: Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability 🌍🚦

Explore the Stockholm Metro’s reputation for safety, efficiency, and accessibility, playing a pivotal role in reducing traffic congestion and contributing to the city’s sustainability goals.


A Commuter’s Choice, A Tourist’s Delight

Traveler exploring cultural heritage, the Stockholm Metro offers an enchanting experience, seamlessly blending transportation and art. It stands as a must-see attraction in the heart of the Swedish capital.

It’s an experience that showcases the blending of transportation and art, making it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Swedish capital.


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