The 10 Best Restaurants in Matosinhos with menus reviews direction, and 15% discount as courtesy of Travel inti.


1. 🦞 5 Oceanos  
  • The restaurant is a large and comfortable space inspired by oceanic themes, which invites you to enjoy a carefully prepared meal.
    Between simplicity and a wealth of genuine flavors, we work with the freshest raw materials that arrive at our restaurant.
    The specialties of wild fish, shellfish from the coast or the “parrilhada” ,a dish consisting of an assortment of shellfish, have alternatives in the North, such as Peters Fish or octopus fillets, designed with the freshest fish that reaches the fish market. “Parrilhada” has made the area of Lisbon a must for fish and seafood lovers, and here you have the opportunity to taste it too. Menu & Direction 


2. 🦞 D’Oliva in Matosinhos
  • Discover Restaurante D’Oliva, a Mediterranean gem just 10 minutes from Porto. As you step in, experience an impressive venue with captivating background music. Whether it’s a cozy table for two, a group event, or a family gathering, be amazed by impeccable service and a diverse menu.Indulge in exquisite Italian dishes, succulent meat meals, and Portuguese fish straight from the sea. Restaurante D’Oliva takes pride in serving the finest quality codfish. The daily specials promise surprises, showcasing creative blends of flavors.Save room for desserts, featuring international delights like cheesecake and Italian tiramisu. The menu caters to every gourmet’s taste, offering a sweet conclusion to your culinary journey. Menu & Direction 


3. 🍀 Ju de ló
  • Ju de ló is a nice place full of vegetarian deliciousness in Matosinhos. A cozy coffee shop with a pleasant atmosphere and exceptional interior. The day starts here with the aroma of fresh cakes and a healthy breakfast. You can taste a side dish with a vegetable salad or choose a vegan burger. It’s up to you which one to have for brunch – a meal with tofu or feta cheese. Each meal fulfills you with a sufficient portion of energy and vitamins for the entire day. Menu & Direction 


4. 🍝 Genuino 
  • Experience ‘another Italian cuisine’ at L’altra Cucina Italiana. Founded by Italians Federico and Gaetano, Genuino challenges the norm with dishes beyond the classics. Explore a journey through authentic Italian flavors, inspired by the gastronomy of various cities. Every element, from the menu by chef Gaetano Barone to the wine list, beer, and coffee, is authentically Italian.Breaking stereotypes, the restaurant offers a simple, contemporary ambiance with genuine materials—wood, stone, and copper—reflecting the essence of the cuisine from the past. Discover a taste of Italy beyond the expected at L’altra Cucina Italiana. Menu & Direction


5. 🥩 Art’ Da Picanha
  • Art’ Da Picanha is about meat. A wide spectrum of delicious parts of beef, chicken, pork and more others will surprise even the most experienced gourmets. The cooks make the food right in front of your eyes. Next, the waiters serve it from the oven to your plate. This is the performance you should see at least once. However, you will not miss the opportunity to come back time after time.For carnivores is the best meat restaurant in Matosinhos, Porto. Menu & Direction 


6. 🥟 Empanadas Argentinas Malvon
  • Empanadas Argentinas Malvon 
    Empanadas are small savory pies found throughout South America. Every province in Argentina has its own distinct flavor. All adhere to the same basic culinary principle: a soft pocket of dough stuffed with a delectable, savory filling. Menu & Direction 


7. 🍔 Burgertown
  • Savor an American feast crafted by legendary chef Américo Soares, renowned for catering to celebrities like Bill Clinton and Christie Brinkley. With over four decades of culinary expertise, the menu fuses French and Italian influences, offering beloved dishes like beef and vegan meatballs, diverse pizzas, lasagna, Caesar salad, hummus, and an array of unparalleled burgers. Experience the diverse and delectable tastes enjoyed by the elite, right here at our establishment. Menu & Direction 


8. 🍲 Belle Caffé
  • With an extensive selection of croissant flavors to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From classic options to unique and inventive combinations, there’s something to please every palate.As you step inside, the tantalizing aromas from the bakery will captivate your senses. Take a moment to explore the display of muffins and biscuits, carefully crafted and beautifully presented along the bar stand. Each sweet treat is a testament to the dedication and passion of the bakers. Menu & Direction


9. Petiscaria Matosinhos
  • Petiscaria Matosinhos is a casual eatery specializing in petiscos, Portuguese small plates perfect for sharing. With its budget-friendly options, it’s an ideal place to sample a variety of flavors without breaking the bank.


10. Taberna do São Pedro
  • Taberna do São Pedro offers a cozy setting and a menu filled with affordable and flavorful Portuguese dishes. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this restaurant provides a delightful culinary experience on a budget.


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