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The Great Pyramid of Scotland


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Cairngorms National Park
Cairngorms, Scotland

57°01'33.8″N 3°13'16.6″W

The Great Pyramid of Scotland Explore the Great Pyramid of Scotland, a hidden gem offering breathtaking views from its top. Arrive at Prince Albert’s Cairn for stunning vistas of Cairngorms National Park and the royal estate. The pyramid holds sentimental value, symbolizing Queen Victoria’s love for Prince Albert after his passing. Erected near Royal Balmoral Estate, it honors Albert’s affinity for the outdoors and nature.

Here are some facts about the Pyramid of Scotland, also known as Prince Albert’s Cairn:

Discover the Pyramid of Scotland, a memorial honoring Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, erected after his death in 1861.

Located in Scotland, near the Royal Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire, this pyramid provides stunning panoramic views of Cairngorms National Park.

Designed with deep sentimental value, it symbolizes Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s shared love for nature and the outdoors.

Drawing inspiration from Egyptian architecture, the pyramid’s design reflects the Victorian era’s fascination with Egyptian culture.

Not far from the Royal Balmoral Estate, this pyramid pays tribute to Prince Albert’s connection to the natural world.

Climbing to its peak rewards visitors with breathtaking views of Cairngorms National Park, showcasing Scotland’s natural splendor.

Easily accessible via a short hike, the pyramid attracts hikers and those seeking picturesque viewpoints.

Beyond honoring Prince Albert, the pyramid embodies the historical and cultural influences of the Victorian era and the British monarchy’s ties to Scotland’s landscapes.

Today, the Pyramid of Scotland serves as a historical monument and a tourist attraction, inviting exploration and appreciation.

Its proximity to Balmoral Castle, a favored residence of Queen Victoria, adds significance to this unique testament to history, architecture, and royalty’s bond with the land.



How to get there:

By public transport, you should make your way to the village of Crathie in Aberdeenshire. There you can catch a bus Ballater & Braemar.

If you are driving, you can park at the Balmoral car parking. It’s close to the Crathie Tourist Information Centre just off the A93.

All 11 Balmoral cairns, including Prince Albert’s Pyramid are only accessible by foot.

It only takes 30 minutes to walk directly to the pyramid, but the approach is steep and occasionally muddy.


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