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Torres del paine


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El Calafate, Argentina

50.9423° S, 73.4068° W

Torres del Paine National Park, designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and the eighth Natural Wonder, is situated in the breathtaking Chilean Patagonia at the very end of the world and is a land of striking contrasts. Its majestic mountains conceal enormous ice fields, emerald woods, and blue lakes..

Over millions of years, as they inched their way down from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, which borders the park to the northwest, Patagonia’s glaciers gradually shaped this craggy landscape. It is the bulk of the Patagonian Ice Sheet, which formerly completely encircled southern Chile. The Park’s deep valleys, blue glacial lakes, glaciers that hang over jagged peaks and commandingly stand in front of snow-capped mountains, and the rich ecosystem that flourishes there are all evidence of the glacial erosion process.

One of the most distant regions on earth contains around 225,000 hectares / 550,000 acres of pristine, unspoiled natural splendor. On a horizon dotted with mountaintops, the granite towers that give the park its name stand out. Some of the greatest populations of guanacos and pumas in the world graze in the level plains below. Along with more than 400 other bird species, condors soar high in the sky. If you’re fortunate, you might even see a huemul, an endangered Andean deer that is indigenous to Patagonia.

How about taking a tour of these hills, plains, rivers, lakes, and valleys? On foot, a horse, or in the convenience of a van? Throughout a multi-day circuit or by combining half-day and full-day excursions to tailor your adventure? Was it guided or not? You have a wide variety of options for exploring Torres del Paine National Park at the Las Torres Reserve.



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