A possibly interesting question is; "How did we come up with the idea to quit our jobs and travel the world for a year?" The motivation for this is different for me than for my wife. Whereas my wife always had a fondness of travelling, my motivation has been more of something that sprouts from an early midlife crisis. The old and perhaps familiar feeling of "is this all?" Anyhow, the decision was made and we started preparing for an epic journey. Where to start? Even though we had saved up a decent budget, being frugal was still going to be an important issue. We chose to begin in a budget friendly continent and started looking for tickets towards South East Asia. Whilst looking for one-way tickets for the first time in our lives, we quickly found out that a one-way ticket is not just half the price of a return ticket but about 60% to 70%. Luckily we found a great ticket to Bangkok with a stopover in Sri Lanka for a month! This basically got us two destinations for the price of one ticket. Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, while close to, and similar to India still has some great benefits in comparison. Sri Lanka is less overpopulated, less dirty and still very cheap. Sri Lanka has great nature, animals, nice people. Public transport is cheap and easy because many people speak English. A warning on communication in Sri Lanka though; There is a phenomenon with Sri Lankan people with a special nod they do with their head.  It looks like a combination both a "yes" and a "no" , but it always means no. These people are basically too polite to tell you no.