Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus Founded in the year 2006, Viva Aerobus has been one Mexico’s most trusted airlines. They are also a low-coast airline with great air fare on all of their flights. In addition, they also prioritize their costumer’s comfort and stability through the duration of their travels. Their crew is always ready for anything when it comes to the salty of their passengers and ensure you a pleasant flight. In fact, you can book the best and cheapest family and budget friendly deals through TravelInti’s official sight today.

Travel Experience:

VIP Priority

– When you chose to fly with Viva Aerobus’s VIP priority, you are opening yourself to comfort, extra leg space, extra reclining accessibility, priority boarding, and more. All while still being in a budget-friendly, low-fare advantage.


– Flying Economy class is the perfect family friendly option for all passengers looking for low-fares and exceptional service. The chairs all offer a good amount of personal space so you can safely and comfortable enjoy your travels.


All travelers have a personal item included in their ticket price. This personal bag/item can be brought along the aircraft cabin for no extra fees. Light, Extra, and Smart fares all include a personal carry-on aboard the cabin with you as well. When flying Extra and Smart, your first checked-in luggage is free of an extra fee, otherwise you may pay an extra fee to get your luggage checked in at a Viva Aerobus check-in desk.

Special Baggage:

When flying with any special baggage, including sports equipment, musical instruments, packages, and more, you are free to check them in at a Viva Aerobus check-in dest for additional coast and fees.


When traveling with pets Viva Aerobus has got you covered. You can bring your furry friend with you onboard the aircraft as a carry-on luggage as long as their cages and/or crates do not exceed the dimensions of 18 x 14 x 8 inches and weight of 27lbs including their carrier. Your pets must be up to date with medical papers and vaccinations.

You also have the ability to check your pets into the cargo of the plane and they may uphold a weight of up to 99lbs and they must also be over 16 weeks old.

Contact Viva Aerobus:

06350 de,
Av. Insurgentes Nte.
510, Buenavista,
Cuauhtémoc, 06350
Ciudad de México, CDMX

Mexico +52 81 82 150 150 24hrs
U.S.A 866 359 8482 24hrs

– COVID Precautions: All passengers must present proof of a negative PCR test up to 24 hours before flying, or prof of vaccination

For more information please visit: