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Western Wall


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The Western Wall
Jerusalem, Israel

31.7767° N, 35.2345° E

The Western Wall: A Revered Icon of Jerusalem’s History and Spirituality

Known by various names such as “The Wailing Wall” or “The Buraq Wall,” the Western Wall holds a position of prominence as an esteemed historic site nestled within the heart of Jerusalem. With its origins traced back to around 20 BCE during the era of the Second Temple, this architectural relic, attributed to Herod the Great, stands as a testament to the past. Its time-honored presence continues to command reverence and admiration, serving as a focal point for people of diverse faiths. Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Jerusalem’s heritage, the Western Wall emerges as a place of immense sanctity and significance.



A Place of Connection and Reverence

One of the most compelling aspects of the Western Wall is its accessibility, welcoming visitors from all walks of life at virtually any time. This hallowed site exerts a magnetic pull on both local residents and global tourists alike. At its core, the allure lies in its rich historical and cultural narrative. A distinctive practice, particularly among the Jewish community, involves the placement of carefully folded notes containing heartfelt wishes within the wall’s crevices, with the belief that these petitions may be answered by a higher power.



Unveiling the Depths: Guided Exploration and Insights

Delving beyond the surface, a guided tour beneath the Western Wall yields a captivating journey of discovery. These tours delve into historical, archaeological, and religious dimensions, casting light on the multifaceted significance of the site. Traversing through the tunnels adjacent to the wall, participants encounter remarkable artifacts that have withstood the test of time. Among these treasures is the Western Stone, a colossal piece anchoring the wall’s structure, and the awe-inspiring Warren’s Shaft, an ancient water tunnel that whispers stories of generations past.



A Journey of Spiritual and Cultural Enrichment

For anyone fortunate enough to visit Jerusalem, the Western Wall stands as an unmissable gem, embodying a captivating blend of history and spirituality. This exceptional destination presents a unique platform to immerse oneself in the annals of time, gaining insight into the cultural tapestry of the city. Beyond its historical significance, it provides a profound opportunity for personal reflection and a chance to forge connections with one’s own faith or to appreciate the diverse religious heritage embraced by humanity.

In the heart of Jerusalem, the Western Wall beckons, encapsulating the essence of time, faith, and the shared stories of those who have stood before it. City Hall.




 In accordance with safety regulations, this site is not safe for wheelchair passage, and therefore is not accessible.

Parents of babies and young children – please note that the tour includes stairs. There will be a place at the entrance to leave strollers.


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