Why is Algavre a unique region of Portugal?
The Algarve is a region of southern Portugal with beautiful scenery, a sunny climate and an endless list of attractions, which has gained popularity as a holiday destination.
The beautiful coast with cliffs, golden beaches and turquoise sea with white buildings around create a unique atmosphere.
The region is also very interesting in terms of its history, culture, lifestyle and architecture.
This unique place has its own distinct character, so it’s a must to consider when planning your travels around Portugal. Why is Algavre a unique region of Portugal?

1. Climate

The Algarve is by far the warmest region in Portugal and one of the warmest in Europe. Compared to the northern part with a lot of rainy days in the Algarve, most days of the year are sunny.
The summer period is hot, but thanks to the Mediterranean climate and proximity to the Atlantic, it is also humid. On the other hand, the winter months are rather mild and it rains from time to time, but not as often as in the north. The highest temperatures can be expected in July and August (about 30 degrees Celsius), while the lowest in December and January. Temperature changes during the day are less capricious than in the north and it is easier to adapt.
The further north you go, the faster the weather conditions can change. Thanks to the warm climate, the Algarve can be visited all year round, but during the holidays it is much busier. Lovers of the sun, swimming in the sea and water sports will find themselves better than in Algarve than northen parts.

2. The beauty of nature

Another very noticeable difference between the Algarve and the rest of Portugal is the natural landscape. High cliffs, hidden caves and beautiful rock formations are characteristic of this region. The most popular natural wonder is the Benagil Cave.
Such views can only be found in the southern part of the country’s coast. The region boasts a beautiful coastline with golden sand and crystal clear waters. Warmer water than in the west coast encourages swimming more. In addition, many Algarve beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates higher safety. The most famous beach, Praia de Marinha, is a must-see while exploring the area. Other beautiful beaches worthy of attention include: Praia da Boneca in Lagos, Praia do Carvalho in Carvoeiro, Ponte de Piedade, Praia De São Rafael, Praia de Falesia, Praia de Carvalho and Praia do Martinhal.
Of course, the coast of about 150 km has many more wonderful beaches and everyone will find something for themselves without much problem. Nevertheless, the natural attractions of the Algarve are not only beaches. This diverse region also offers many parks, nature reserves, hills and even mountains with beautiful trails. Various species of undersea flora and fauna can be seen in the Ria Formosa Natural Park. The unique lagoon is a protected area and is sure to appeal to nature lovers. When it comes to mountain ranges, the Monchique Mountains are the most famous. There are long trails for hiking, from which you can admire the forests, waterfalls and try a relaxing bath in natural springs.

3. Architecture

The southern province of Portugal is distinguished by its architecture. The white buildings appearing on all the postcards are a characteristic feature of the place. We can get the impression that the region takes us to another country like Greece or even Morocco.
A typical cottage has a white façade and blue or yellow frames around the windows. Hotels, restaurants and most other buildings are built in the same style.
Such a composition makes an amazing impression when you watch the panorama of cities and fishing towns composed together with the golden coast. Muslim influences have left their mark on the architecture of the region.

4. Lifestyle and free time

There are no limits to the possibilities of spending free time in such an attractive place. You can just sit in one of the numerous cafes and watch the beautiful beaches while drinking a coffee or a refreshing drink. The Algarve is an ideal region for lovers of various types of water sports, but not only.
Like no other region in Portugal, the Algarve has plenty of golf courses. Of course, you can spend your time actively by surfing, kayaking, discovering new coastal trails or diving.

If you haven’t tried water sports so far, many schools teach everything from scratch. In addition, it is worth taking advantage of a guided boat trip and discovering the most beautiful places along the coast. There will also be a place and ways to relax.

The most obvious way is to lie on the beach and enjoy the sun. You can always go to the SPA, which offers a variety of massages, beauty treatments, jacuzzi and saunas. We can also meet with a fish pedicure, which involves immersing your feet in an aquarium with fish and they will remove the dead skin. Algarve’s vibrant cities such as Albufeira, Lagos or Portimao provide plenty of entertainment with various and crazy parties.

5. Kitchen

When talking about the cuisine of the Algarve, it is necessary to mention the most characteristic dish, i.e. Cataplana. This is stewed rice with seafood in a special dish of the same name. Compared to the north of Portugal, the Algarve does not eat as many dishes with meat. This is the most significant difference. Dishes prepared with seafood, tomatoes and citrus are the most popular in this area. It is also worth mentioning the frequent use of herbs such as cilantro or parsley.

In conclusion, there are many noticeable differences in making up for one country. So why is Algavre a unique region of Portugal ? The Algarve is distinguished by a warmer and more liveable climate, has phenomenal landscapes, beautiful architecture with white buildings, lots of attractions and its delicious cuisine.

All these aspects tell us why this is a unique region and it is definitely worth special attention.