During traveling around the world you will find different districts that were built hundreds of years ago. Some of them were abandoned or forbidden for centuries. Today every corner of the city is used for businesses and residential purposes. But nobody has a clue what it costs to the general picture of the street web. Here are the most strange examples of urban shortcomings in terms of city planning. The narrowest streets in the world.

1. Spreuerhofstrasse in Reutlingen, Germany. The width is 40 centimeters on the average. And in the narrowest point it has only 31 centimeters! In addition, it is only 3.8 meters long. Tourists who dare to pass through sometimes get stuck trying to go out, but not for long, fortunately. Moreover, people over 1.8 meters tall are not allowed even to try due to the alley’s height.

It is an entire adventure to sneak between the blank walls! Moreover, you can observe water descending the drainpipe you need to go round in order to get outside the gap. The gutter here is not good, so locals don’t use this path during the rain. But it is always considered to measure the hips size after the holidays.

Spreuerhofstrasse appeared in 1720s after reconstruction. In 1820 it was named an actual street. And in 2007 it was published in the Guinness Book of Records. Year after year the street became even narrower because of the half-timbered wall leaned to the alley’s side. The authorities have already shored up the building to not let the street lose its record title.

2. Parliament Street in Exeter, England. This one is quite long in comparison to the previous one. It is 50 meters long and the street is getting narrower with every meter. The brick walls get closer from 1.2 meters to 64 centimeters in the end. And this one is the oldest, the mentions were found in the 14th century. Till 1832 it was called the Small Lane. But authorities decided that it was too common. In 1836, 4 years later the residents even collected the money to widen the alley but nothing happened since then. The street is not enough narrow to be claimed the record holder, but its bricks make it clear and nice to pass through.

3. Fan Tan Alley in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This street is surrounded by the local Chinatown. The narrowest point got 89 centimeters wide. This one is full of cafes, apartments and offices giving it a different look. It feels like you are on a wide avenue, not between the walls that are going to smash you! Bright signboards and crowds of people create the atmosphere of a holiday. Or a festival.

There is a barber shop on the left side and an art gallery to the right. Almost all doors are wooden and painted. Chinese characters appear on them, in the neighborhood of the Canadian Harbour of Victoria City. What colourful photos can be made here!


But with twilight this place becomes a gambling district with opium dens. So make sure you avoid this way when the night took it in its dark embrace.

All of the mentioned streets attract an impressive number of travelers every year. From time to time alleys change their look or are reconstructed. But is it the history we should preserve? Would you dare to squeeze through the street supported by a half-timbered wall?