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With 95 strong years of successful flights and business, American Airlines has a priority to provide the absolute most comfort and stability for each of its clients. Their core values are based on dedication to their customers, integrity, and honesty. Always remember that you can find cheap flights from American Airlines and book online strait away on

Travel Experience

First Class:
⁃ First classes the highest level of services offered on flights across the U.S
Business Class:
⁃ Business class is officially the highest form of service on short-distance international flights
Premium Economy:
⁃ Premium Economy gives you the benefit of more space, amenities, etc. on long-distance international flights. (Hawaii and Alaska Flights)
Main Cabin:
⁃ In the Main Cabin, you have the opportunity to select your seat ahead of time and enjoy free entertainment.
Basic Economy:
⁃ Basic Economy as the lowest Main Cabin fair with a few restrictions


⁃ First Class: 3 complimentary bags on a 3 cabin aircraft and 3 complimentary bags on a 2 cabin aircraft.
⁃ Business: 2 complimentary bags
⁃ Premium Economy: 2 complimentary bags apart from flights to and from Alaska and Hawaii on tickets issued before February 22, 2021
⁃ Main Cabin: 2 bags (charges may apply according to your travel details)
You may also bring in addition, 1 carry on item and, 1 personal item

Additional items you may travel with –

⁃ Any sports equipment that you may have (charges may apply)
⁃ Bags weighing 51 – 70 lbs (charges may apply)
⁃ Assistance devices for disabilities
*Boxes are not allowed in the cabin

Delayed and/or damaged bags :

If you can not locate your bag(s) an agent at your airport will help you safely locate it. You will be given a 13 characteristic reference number in order to file a claim.

If your bag its missing for 5 days or more more information will be needed in order to locate your belongings

The Central Baggage Resolution will put in every effort they can in order to ensure that your baggage is safe and restored to the owner.

Your baggage goes through many inspection and procedures. If you assume that your baggage was damaged by inspection please contact TSA – 866-289-9673 .

The U.S dDepartment of Health and Human Services has temporarily suspended the movement of pets from countries that are considered in a high risk of rabies. Service dogs and fully trained service animals are an exception to this rule as long as they have been approved by the CDC.

Traveling with a pet is allowed on most flights up to 12 hours or flights to / from these select locations (with an additional fee) :

⁃ Within the 48 contiguous United States
⁃ The U.S. and Canada*
⁃ Alaska
⁃ Central America*
⁃ Mexico*
⁃ Puerto Rico
⁃ St. Croix
⁃ St. Thomas

You may bring one kennel as your carry-on bag for your flights as long as you pay the additional fee and your pet stays in the kennel under the seat in front of you for the entire duration of the flight. If your pet is too large to fly in the cabin, then it must fly with American Airlines Cargo.

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