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Clérigos Tower


Wednesday : 9am - 11pm Open

+351 22 014 5489

R. de São Filipe de Nery, 4050-546
Porto, Portugal

41.1459° N, 8.6139° W

Clérigos Tower is an ancient church of the Clerics Brotherhood in Porto. The project was created in the 18th century by Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni, who fall in love with the city so much that he decided to stay there forever. The architect was buried close to the elaborated double bolster stairs in a tiny chapel behind the individual gateway. At that time it was the highest bell tower in Portugal, with a height of 75,6 meters.   Clérigos Tower served as a meridian clock informing the citizens of the noon by the fire of the mortar. But first of all, it was a guide to boats on the Douro river. Therefore, nowadays you have a wonderful opportunity to observe the city from the panoramic view deck upstairs of the tower. The stairway is short and divided by the levels of the exhibition. So it is obviously worth a visit even if you are already tired of climbing the city hills.  
In 1917 two Spanish acrobats took part in a challenge and climbed the facade of the Tower with no equipment. There is a rumor it was a promotion of the biscuits men ate after they reached the top. Anyway carvings of the baroque facade helped them a lot. Besides, well-known spires and domes of ecclesiastical institution made a perfect background.

Every year (December - January) Spiritus Videomapping Show Takes place here. Don't miss an opportunity to discover the power of digital beauty and architecture in one bottle together. Tickets can be bought on site.

Tips: Free entrance for clergy and scouts. After 7 PM exhibition is not available, ticket price is 5€.


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