Laguna Negra



Laguna Negra
San Carlos de Bariloche

Laguna Negra

  Laguna Negra is one the most beautiful of Bariloche´s many treks. The trail takes walkers through wonderful forest terrain set alongside the crystal blue waters of a mountain river.  Encapsulated on all sides by mountain ridges the scenery is almost surreal in its beauty. As the forest tapers off you come to a mountain waterfall and ascend up the rocky trail, with pristine views across the valley floor, to reach the haunting and beautiful Laguna Negra. Here you will find Refugio Italia set upon the lake shore with its fully equipped kitchen and warm welcome.  

How to get there

Take the number 10 bus, which runs every 2.5 hours, to Colonia Suiza. The trail begins 600 meters from Colonia Suiza. Alternately take the number 20 bus, which runs every 20 minutes, to the Roundabout at KM18. From the left exit take the number 13 bus, this runs every hour, to Colonia Suiza.


When you get off the bus at Colonia Suiza, walk directly ahead to the T-junction where you will see Berlina Brewery to your left side. Turn right and walk 100m and the Laguna Negra trail is on the left side.  
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