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Paragliding Portugal Porto Lisbon


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+351 933 532 120

Praça Marquês de Pombal 8, 1250-096
Lisbon, Portugal

Paragliding Portugal in Porto and Lisbon

The desire and willingness to offer paragliding fans the best that our nation has to offer gave birth to Paragliding Experience near Lisbon.

Portugal A project that provides tandem discovery flights and customized paragliding school services is known by the registered name of Paragliding.
We have a strong passion for paragliding and typically fly all year long, even when we are not employed. paragliding is a special experience and our favorite activity.

Soaring over incredible vistas while perfectly blending in with nature while paragliding will leave you with lifelong memories.

You will enjoy a safe and unforgettable flying experience Paragliding Portugal in Porto and Lisbon will make you feel like a bird in the company of our pilots and instructors.
Take the confidence to contact us and let us help you realize your aspirations.

For those seeking to soar high in the Portuguese sky, tandem paragliding is a fantastic experience. It is a novel approach to see the land and take in some breathtaking vistas.

We fly paraglider at a number of locations, including Fonte da Telha, Costa da Caparica, Sesimbra, Arrábida, and Setbal.

  • 15 minute flight 65 €
  • 20 minute flight 75 €
  • 30 minute flight 85 €

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