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Plaza Mayor


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Madrid, Comunidade de Madrid, Espanha
Madrid, Spain

40.4155° N, 3.7074° W

Plaza Mayor Explore the rich history and vibrant culture of Plaza del Arrabal in Madrid, a place that has stood the test of time for centuries. Nestled at the crossroads of the routes connecting Toledo and Atocha, this market square first emerged in the 14th century, just beyond the medieval city’s walls. It quickly became a hub of local trade, with a rudimentary fortification to regulate commerce.



In 1580, under the reign of Philip II, renowned architect Juan de Herrera was commissioned to reimagine and enhance the square’s design, following the relocation of the royal courts to Madrid in 1561. The result of this transformation was a visually stunning and functional space that continues to captivate visitors today.



One of the square’s most iconic features is the Casa de la Panadera, which was erected in 1590 under the supervision of Diego Sillero. This historic building served as a bakery and is a testament to the square’s significance throughout the years. In 1617, with the approval of Philip III, Juan Gómez de Mora was enlisted to further enhance the square’s grandeur, a project he completed in 1619.



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