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Porto Cathedral


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Sé Catedral do Porto Terreiro da Sé 4050-573
Porto, Portugal

Porto Cathedral The Sé Cathedral, which was constructed at the highest part of the city, is Porto’s most significant place of worship. It is situated close to the city’s former defense walls in the Batalha neighborhood. The structure’s exterior gives off the impression of a fortress with battlements.

The most significant ecclesiastical structure in the city, the Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto in Portuguese), has been designated a National Monument. It is located in Porto’s higher region.

Of close proximity to the former city walls in Batalha stands the Cathedral. From the outside, the structure has crenels that somewhat resemble those of a fortress.

The Porto Cathedral was first built in the twelfth century, but over the ages it has undergone several reconstructions and renovations. This explains why there are several architectural styles in the Cathedral. Although the façade, nave, cloister, and one of the chapels are Romanesque, the temple’s primary architectural style is Baroque.

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