There are so many beautiful lakes in the U.S., from Lake Tahoe in California to Lake George in New York. These are the 10 best lakes in the U.S. for your next vacation.
  1. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada 
Lake Tahoe is a natural lake that's located in the state of Nevada and California. It has 99.994% pure water that's ideal for swimming and drinking. This lake is a great place to spend a long weekend or a week-long vacation. There are also a variety of activities that you can do in the area.
  1. Lake Powell, Utah 
The magnificent Lake Powell is a great place to swim and see. Its crystal-clear waters and vibrant colors make it an ideal spot for a swim during the summer season. Aside from being a great place to swim, it also has a variety of other activities that you can do in the area. This lake is also a popular fishing area for large and smallmouth bass, bluegill, and channel cats.
  1. Crater Lake, Oregon 
Although Crater Lake is usually very cold, it's also possible to swim in its various areas. This natural lake in Oregon's Crater Lake National Park is also incredibly deep, with a depth of over 954 meters. Crater Lake was formed by an eruption of a volcano. Aside from being incredibly deep, the lake was also formed by the fall of a volcano.
  1. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming 
Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming will take your breath away. The lake's edges are bright and colorful and have a beautiful blue center. Yellowstone Lake located in Yellowstone National Park offers many great activities. Although some rivers and lakes in the park do not offer public swimming there are a few in which you can.
  1. Maroon Lake, Colorado 
Maroon Lake, Colorado south of Aspen carries beautiful scenery in all directions. Although Maroon Lake is not open to swimming, you can enjoy the views and nature that surrounds it. Being near Maroon Creek Road you can take Maroon Bells hiking path to the lake itself. You will not regret this beautiful and fun trip at all.
  1. Jenny Lake, Wyoming 
Another trip for the books is Jenny Lake. Jenny Lake is a beautiful lake in the Teton National Park in Wyoming. Surrounding the lake are many fun activities for you to take part in. You can take hiking trails, scenic boat rides, and major climbing points in the park for you to enjoy. You can also enjoy a quick dip in the lake as long as it’s not on the northwestern corner near the ferry.
  1. Flathead Lake, Montana 
Flathead Lake, Montana is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Flathead lake is also larger than Lake Tahoe. Flathead Lake is the perfect place for open water swimming. The Lake owns beautiful turquoise waters that will leave you longing to return.
  1. Mono Lake, California 
To swim in Mono Lake California is truly memorable. The scenery is astonishing and a sight for soar eyes. It is a saltwater lake that is denser than the ocean and will ensure you a buoyant swimming experience. Make sure not to shave a day or two before swimming because it will burn. The same goes for keeping your eyes and cuts away from the saltwater. This way you can enjoy a swim without the pain.
  1. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire 
Lake Winnipesaukee has always been a vacation paradise. Even before the United States became a country. Since the mid-1700’s Governor, John Wentworth vacationed on the lake. Since then Lake Winnipesaukee has kept its fair share of stories and legends. It is a beautiful place for summer vacation.
  1. Lake George, New York 
If you are planning to go to Lake George New York you will not regret it. Lake George will mesmerize you with its countless attraction and activities. The Lake is also home to endless crystal clear waters, and unique beauty. Lake George is one of the cleanest lakes in the country and perfect for a summer dip.  Now that you have the perfect top 10 list of the most beautiful lakes in the United States, you can plan your next adventure. For all the best tips, prices, and places, book now with TravelInti on TravelInti’s official site.