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Casa da Música


Monday : 9:30am - 6pm Open

+351 220 120 220

Av. da Boavista 604-610, 4149-071
Porto, Portugal

41.1589° N, 8.6307° W

Casa da Música is one of Porto’s most important cultural centers, created by architect Rem Koolhaas.

Over the last three decades, architects have made desperate attempts to break free from the dominance of the “shoe-box” concert hall. Rather than contending with the inherent acoustic superiority of this traditional shape, the Casa da Musica seeks to revitalize it in another way: by redefining the relationship between the hollowed interior and the general public outside. The Casa da Musica, the new home of the National Orchestra of Porto, is located in the historic Rotunda da Boavista on a new public square. It has a distinct faceted form made of white concrete that remains solid and believable in an age of overabundance of icons. The elevated 1,300-seat (shoe box-shaped) Grand Auditorium has corrugated glass facades on either end that open the hall to the outside world.

Performance Days: Building open until the end of the performance, ticket office open until 30 minutes after its beginning.

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