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Paragliding Morocco excursions include transportation, lodging, food, and a knowledgeable guide. the information In Morocco, at the foot of the High Atlas mountains, paragliding Morocco paragliding: On the plains of Marrakesh, the average autumn and spring temperature is around 25°C. The warm air is fed directly up onto our favorite flying locations (Aguergour and Ait Ourir), which are located on the border of the High Atlas mountains by the dependable north-easterly breezes. About 500 meters above the lowlands, the aguergour takes flight. A steady flow of smooth thermodynamic lift develops as the sun warms the plains below, allowing us to soar above the Berber settlements, an abandoned fort, hundreds of youngsters, mosques, and meandering herds of sheep and goats. Everything is in place for the ideal flying afternoon! On the plain in front of takeoff, cross-country flight is also an option. Ait Ourir has a ridge that offers kilometers of soaring and receives winds that are a little more westerly. Spectacular flying chances abound as one travels farther into the High Atlas. In the latter part of the week, for instance, our safari wanders south through some very memorable landscapes to the iconic Tiz'n'Test pass. Early in the afternoon, the conditions can be rough, but for sunset flights, the 2000-meter takeoff (1,500-meter height difference between takeoff and landing!) affords us breathtaking views of the expansive Sous valley far below.


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