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Skydive Eilat


Thursday : 9:00 - 17:00 Open

+972 869 00076

Eilat Airport
Eilat, Israel

Skydive Eilat

Skydive Eilat offers amazing jump came and Experience the rush of your first skydive as you leap from 15,000 feet above the ground! Twenty minutes of ground training, Our Flight time to 15,000 feet about Twenty minutes. and  then a free fall at 120 mph (200 km) for 40 seconds. at 5,000-feet Opening parachute Then between 6-7 minutes of soaring and gliding through the air,

Skydive Eilat is the only place in the world where you can skydive above four different countries - Eilat Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt

Price $300 includes 4K video. The entire activity will take about an hour.
Safety: The parachutes used at Skydive Eilat are ram-air canopies and are rectangular in shape. They actually glide through the air like an airplane wing, allowing even the novice jumper to make a soft, stand-up landing. But don't think you'll be flying alone. The staff at Skydive Eilat is fully trained and licensed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Each of your jump masters has years of experience and is dedicated not only to training but also to skydiving demonstration and competition. The staff at Skydive Eilat holds a National Championship Recognition.  


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